Mozilla's Firefox is an open-source internet browser that works on most operating systems

Mozilla's Firefox is an open-source internet browser that works on most operating systems

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Program license: Free

Program by: Mozilla

Version: 88.0

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac Android


Program license

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Also available for


Mac Android

This is an Internet browser that is open-sourced and works on mobile devices and computers.

Mozilla Firefox is designed to be an innovative Web browser that is based on open-source technology. It is rated as one of the easiest to use of the major browsers currently available. Web pages load faster than the industry average and navigation time is rated as second best. The browser itself is free to use and has an extensive catalog of add-in features. Add to this the fact that it works on a variety of different platforms, and it is easy to see why so many people around the world have turned to it. It can also be customized according to a user's particular needs, creating a more appealing browsing experience overall.

One thing to note is that Firefox is not equipped to make use of the Profile Guided Optimization developed by Microsoft. As such, other browsers are quickly catching up when it comes to speed. That being said, Firefox is already considered to be lightning-fast, so it is hard to imagine that users will notice much of a difference anyway. One other thing to note is that there is not currently a low-power mode built into Firefox. This is particularly problematic for mobile devices, as it can really cut into battery time if heavy Internet usage is involved. A silver lining is that Firefox is open-source, so improvements in this area are constantly being made.

Firefox is known for being user-friendly. It has so many different features that a wide variety of the population is almost certain to find useful. You will be able to AutoFill and complete many forms on the websites that you use the most. The program will automatically update itself, so is there no reason to worry about that. You can add bookmarks to make it easier to get to the websites that you use the most, and you can also set up the homepage to reflect your personal preferences.

Firefox also makes it easy to find text on the page. Just type in what you are looking for and then every instance of that word or phrase will be highlighted on the screen for you. You will also benefit from Geotag Navigation. There are parental controls that adults can easily set up for anyone using their computer or mobile device. There is also a system to manage passwords and make it easy to recall them on various sites. With the PDF reader, you will easily be able to download and read documents that are posted on any website that you might visit. You can save tabs, spell check, and block advertisements right from the preferences menu built into Firefox. If you were to lose power while surfing the Internet, Firefox automatically saves your history so you can come back to where you were when everything is restored.


  • Pages load extremely fast
  • The security features are customizable
  • The are countless add-ins to take advantage of
  • The browser is open-source


  • Firefox is not currently compatible with the Windows Phone
  • There is not a low-power mode at the current time
  • Mozilla Firefox does not make use of Microsoft PGO